This postdoctoral research project focuses on the intended and unintended consequences of imprisonment, a topic largely examined in the international literature, but very little explored by the Romanian scholars. Its aim is to compensate the lack of research in the field and to link the Romanian criminological research to the international one. More specifically, the project will try to identify to what extent and what is the nature of the prison impact on the inmates’ lives, what life-domains are more affected by incarceration and what mechanisms put in motion the prison influences. The methodology combines qualitative and quantitative analyses and uses various types of research instruments.

We hope that the project will bring important contributions at scientific level through the development of knowledge in some important research fields, like: recidivism, offenders’ rehabilitation, inmates’ re-entry, and prisoners’ families. We also hope that it will bring relevant contributions at the societal level to the extent to which it can constitute a scientific basis for the future Romanian penal policies regarding imprisonment.