• Cristina Damboeanu, Paul Nieuwbeerta (2016), Importation and deprivation correlates of misconduct among Romanian inmates, accepted for publication in “European Journal of Criminology” (ISI indexed journal; Impact Factor: 0.928).
    Published via OnlineFirst service on SAGE Journals platform.
  •  Cristina Damboeanu (2015) Predictors of Institutional Misbehavior in Romanian Prisons. In the 5th Conference LUMEN 2014 “Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action” LUMEN-TCA. Editors: A. Frunza, T. Ciulei, A. Sandu. Medimond International Proceedings, Bologna; ISBN: 978-88-7587-713-2 (indexed ISI Thomson Reuters, Web of Science).
  • Cristina Damboeanu (2013) Collateral Consequences of Imprisonment on Offenders’ Lives.A Focus on Inmates’ Relationships with their Families. In the International Scientific Conference: “Tradition and Reform. Social Reconstruction of Europe”. Editors: A. Sandu and A. Caras. Medimond International Proceedings, Bologna, p. 125-128; ISBN: 978-88-7587-694-4 (indexed in ISI Thomson Reuters, Web of Science).
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  • Cristina Damboeanu (2015) Prisons in Romania. Effects on offenders’ lives. Bucharest: Tritonic (in print); ISBN: 978-606-749-077-0.
  • E-book: Prisons in Romania. Effects on offenders’ lives. Bucharest: Tritonic; ISBN: 978-606-749-078-7.
  • Cristina Damboeanu (ed.) (2015). Sociological Studies on Imprisonment. A European Perspective. Bucharest: Tritonic (in print); ISBN: 978-606-749-076-3

    This volume includes the papers presented at the International Workshop on the Effects of Imprisonment on Offenders’ Lives, organized in Bucharest on 2 October, 2015.
    The book is addressed to the national and European scholars in criminology, sociology of prisons, criminal justice researchers, as well as to prison practitioners and policymakers interested to develop evidence-based strategies aimed to ameliorate the negative effects of imprisonment and to facilitate instead prisoners’ social reintegration in the community and desistance from crime.
  • Cristina Damboeanu (2105) Repere pentru o sociologie a recidivei [Towards a sociology of recidivism] Bucharest: Tritonic (in print); ISBN: 978-606-749-079-4 (in Romanian)
    Although the Romanian scientific community interested in studying deviance and crime is on the rise, the topic of recidivism continues to be under-researched. The majority of academic studies on prison population aimed rather to identify the main social and psychosocial factors that determined the onset of criminal behaviour among different categories of offenders such as juvenile delinquents, female criminals, violent offenders, and so on. Yet, few Romanian scholars have focused on the etiology of recidivism and the way(s) imprisonment contributes to that.The book attempts to rectify this by critically discussing the theoretical and empirical literature in the field. It is mainly intended for Romanian researchers and academics in criminology and sociology, but also to postdoctoral and PhD candidates interested to deepen their understanding about the causes and correlates of recidivism.